Monthly Archive: December 2016

Tips for great newborn photography

It can be hard to get a perfect shot, and especially if it’s the shot of babies who know to be rather restless. However, there is a solution for this, and no matter where you work, you can always use these tips to get the perfect pictures of babies. Just read this article with tips from Jo Bradley and you’ll learn exactly what it is you have to do in order for the newborn photography of yours to be great.

Posed or Lifestyle Photography

Basically, there are two types of newborn photography – posed or the lifestyle. Posed photography is something that is usually being done within the first two weeks of a baby’s life, because during that time, the baby is rather sleepy and is easy to work with. The lifestyle type of newborn photography is means to take natural photos of babies, and is usually done with babies that are up to six weeks old. So, figure out which one the parents want, and try to explain to them everything about the different types of photography and why perhaps one of them would be better than the other.

Prepare Yourself

There is going to need a lot of preparation if you’re going to do the photoshoot in the family’s home. This means that you’ll have to pack a lot of stuff, and it’s always wisest to pack everything up a couple of hours in advance, or even in the night before. Of course, you’ll take a camera, but also a backup camera, some memory cards, various lenses, toys for the babies, beanbags for the baby posing, backdrops, pillows, a change of clothes (in case a baby makes a mess), various props, blankets, etc.

Prepare the Client

Before you start taking the photos, you need to let the clients know what to expect. That is perhaps the best way to prepare them for a photo session. Make sure they don’t feed the baby while you’re prepping up, or if they do, make sure they take the baby clothes off in order not to mess them up. Also, make sure you tell them how long the photo shoot is going to last. Basically, tell them everything they need to know about the shoot.

The baby can Inspire You

Photographers can find inspiration anywhere, but try to make the baby your inspiration. Many people say that all babies are the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Try to see what it is that this particular baby loves, and then work with it. Each baby is unique, and that is exactly what makes them special; some of them have unique dimples, others full lips, amazing eyes, etc. try to use that in order to get some inspiration and to highlight the baby’s beauty. Make sure you capture everything: the baby yawning, stretching, and laughing. All of that can make for an amazing photo.

Choose the Right Equipment

Sometimes, you need the right equipment to make the photo even better. Make sure you have the right one for every possible occasion, and then just pick it up and make an amazing photograph with great ease.