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Tips for great newborn photography

It can be hard to get a perfect shot, and especially if it’s the shot of babies who know to be rather restless. However, there is a solution for this, and no matter where you work, you can always use these tips to get the perfect pictures of babies. Just read this article with tips from Jo Bradley and you’ll learn exactly what it is you have to do in order for the newborn photography of yours to be great.

Posed or Lifestyle Photography

Basically, there are two types of newborn photography – posed or the lifestyle. Posed photography is something that is usually being done within the first two weeks of a baby’s life, because during that time, the baby is rather sleepy and is easy to work with. The lifestyle type of newborn photography is means to take natural photos of babies, and is usually done with babies that are up to six weeks old. So, figure out which one the parents want, and try to explain to them everything about the different types of photography and why perhaps one of them would be better than the other.

Prepare Yourself

There is going to need a lot of preparation if you’re going to do the photoshoot in the family’s home. This means that you’ll have to pack a lot of stuff, and it’s always wisest to pack everything up a couple of hours in advance, or even in the night before. Of course, you’ll take a camera, but also a backup camera, some memory cards, various lenses, toys for the babies, beanbags for the baby posing, backdrops, pillows, a change of clothes (in case a baby makes a mess), various props, blankets, etc.

Prepare the Client

Before you start taking the photos, you need to let the clients know what to expect. That is perhaps the best way to prepare them for a photo session. Make sure they don’t feed the baby while you’re prepping up, or if they do, make sure they take the baby clothes off in order not to mess them up. Also, make sure you tell them how long the photo shoot is going to last. Basically, tell them everything they need to know about the shoot.

The baby can Inspire You

Photographers can find inspiration anywhere, but try to make the baby your inspiration. Many people say that all babies are the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Try to see what it is that this particular baby loves, and then work with it. Each baby is unique, and that is exactly what makes them special; some of them have unique dimples, others full lips, amazing eyes, etc. try to use that in order to get some inspiration and to highlight the baby’s beauty. Make sure you capture everything: the baby yawning, stretching, and laughing. All of that can make for an amazing photo.

Choose the Right Equipment

Sometimes, you need the right equipment to make the photo even better. Make sure you have the right one for every possible occasion, and then just pick it up and make an amazing photograph with great ease.

What Is A Trail Camera and Why Do I Need One?

There are many individuals who are up for hunting. They spend a lot of time familiarizing all the places where they can find buck trails and there are those who now use technology to confirm the trails that bucks are taking. When hunting, you will typically start with getting a bow or a gun. Sometimes, you will also check out other means on taking down your first trophy buck.

Yes, the old ways work, but hours of waiting and finding out that the spot is not really a trail for the buck you’ve been hunting is sure to be a frustrating thing for anyone. Basically, it would take much of your effort and time to move from one place to another just because you fail to confirm a certain trail for the buck. However, you can save all your time and effort if you can actually get a trail camera.

What is a Trail Camera?

A trail camera is what you leave in a location to do all the waiting and capture photos triggered by movements or for a certain period of time. What you need to do is to set it all up in the location where you can possibly capture the buck taking the trail and adjust the settings on how photos must be taken. Just make sure that you place it in an area where other animals can’t move it or in an area where critters may trigger the camera to take photos without your subject in it. After hours or several days, you can return to the location and check out all of the photos taken in the area.

When you are using this camera, you can either get great photos or useless ones. In cases where you can’t get the proofs that you want, all you have to do is to move the camera to another location and then repeat the entire process.

Why You Should Get One?

There are countless reasons why you should get one or even two of these trail cameras. These reasons may even convince you to typically rely on these gadgets and save yourself all the efforts in doing the entire job alone. Some of the main reasons why you should consider getting a trail camera:

  • It helps you in getting the job done without putting up too much effort on building a camp and patiently waiting for a buck.
  • Prevents your scent from lingering on the hunting ground. Since you want confirmation, you can just leave the camera and set up everything once you have captured photos of the buck taking the trail. This will prevent your scent from spreading throughout the area and scare the buck from taking their usual trail.
  • You can easily check the results of your baiting strategies that you want to try when you are hunting. This will help you learn when your targets or subjects are going to feed and be able to arrange everything for them to be caught.

With these reasons in mind, you’ll understand why a trail camera is a must for any hunter both beginners and professionals.

Why You Should Have a Photo Booth Rental at Your Wedding

Photo booth rentals have become an increasingly popular fixture of many weddings. Everybody loves these booths, which allow guests to have fun and take the wackiest photos they can imagine by making their funniest expressions. Many photo booth rentals also provide props and costumes such as funny hats and wigs (OMG Photo Booth London) provide these as standard, see image!

Here are some of the other reasons why you should have a photo booth rental at your wedding this year.

  • They can be used instead of a guestbook. Instead of having a traditional guestbook where guests have to sign in, why not have a photo-guestbook? When guests go to have their picture taken at the photo booth, a second copy can be provided which will be assembled in a scrapbook-like guest book. Guests even have the opportunity to add a dedication or other message to the happy couple in addition to their photos.
  • They make a unique wedding favor. Instead of giving away the conventional knick-knacks, the photo strips can be used as wedding favors instead. They can be inserted into cardboard frames inscribed with details of the event as well as a dedication like, “thank you for making our wedding so special!”
  • They provide a fun bonding experience for families. Weddings often serve as impromptu reunions where relatives who have not seen each other in a long time have the opportunity to get together and catch up with what has been going on in their lives. A family picture taken in a photo booth is a great way to create a unique keepsake that will evoke great memories of the event for years to come.
  • They are a great source of entertainment for guests. As the night deepens, you’ll surely hear the sound of laughter from the photo booth growing louder as guests compete to create the funniest picture. And since photo booths take only a few minutes to produce a photo strip, the guests can use the booth multiple times.

Some photo booths have advanced capabilities. Depending on the type of rental package you avail of, your photo booth may also have the ability to take short videos or share the photos directly on social media sites such as Facebook. These features enhance the possibilities of the booth. For example, guests can leave thirty-second greetings to the happy couple which can be compiled in a DVD

Wedding Memories To Last A Lifetime

Aside from couples married many times, wedding is a once in a lifetime event couples will treasure throughout their lifetime. The preparations for the wedding, the excitement and anxious feeling the night before the wedding, the waiting for the bride, and the moment the couple say yes to each other in front of the priest and audience are precious memories for you and your partner. It may not be the grandest nor the most expensive wedding but nothing is more perfect for you than your own wedding. The importance of such occasions should be captured not only to share to your children, grandchildren and friends about this wonderful event in your life but also help your wedding memories to last a lifetime.


There are many ways to capture your important wedding memories. The most common is through a photograph. Almost all wedding events use take photographs to capture their moments. Some use their personal cameras while others hire professional photographers to cover the whole event. It’s best to go local and you can find the best results by searching for it using keywords like wedding photography Essex. From the preparation of the bride and the groom, to the arrival of the guests, the wedding ceremony and then the reception, these are all photographed to serve as a hard copy of the events which took place.

Though photographs are still widely used for wedding ceremonies, video cameras are now gaining popularity on wedding events. Unlike photographs which capture bits of images of the wedding, video camera can capture the entire event where people are moving making it a better choice for capturing wedding memories. Video cameras now come in cheap so almost anyone can own them. Even smart phones have a video feature.

As promising as it sounds, capturing the wonderful wedding moments in a video camera is more challenging than in the photograph. People strike their best poses before a photograph is taken but they are constantly moving as the video camera rolls. To make the most out of the event, hiring videographers is more realistic than trying to do it on your own.

Experienced videographer can not only provide great quality videos but also capture every moment in the best view possible during the wedding ceremony. With their latest video cameras and cutting edge techniques, they can turn your wedding ceremony into a dream-like, fairytale wedding which you dreamed about. They give a touch of class and elegance even to the simplest wedding ceremony making the wedding video a great movie for viewing.

Though nothing is wrong with a simple video or photographs to save your wedding memories, if you have the option to have a wedding video similar to celebrity and royal weddings at an affordable price then get the best you can for this once in a lifetime event and make your wedding memories last a lifetime.

Top Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photos capture once-in-a-lifetime moments. When all the food has been consumed, the decorations have been removed, the wedding venues have been left, and gown and accessories have been kept, only these photos can provide more vivid memories of the event. No photographer would want to ruin his career with avoidable blunders. Here are top wedding photography tips to satisfy customers and keep having referrals:

  1. Be clear with expectations and coverage of the photo package

As in any business deal, expectations must be clear before execution. Nothing else makes an irate customer than the perception of getting less of what has been paid. On the other hand, no other factor can surely lead to an unprofitable business than spending more than budgeted production expenses.

To prevent frustration with the other party, it is best for these expectations to be formalized in a contract. A signed contract clearly sets limits and coverage of service, and protects both parties from unnecessary lawsuits.

  1. Finalize a list of shots before the wedding

Wedding day is surely a busy day – a perfect backdrop for forgetting something. A list of shots not only paves the way for the production of a complete set of the couple’s preferred shots and avoiding ire from guests whose shots have been missed. Make sure to get a shot of their wedding rings and any other shots you feel they may treasure. It is a crucial factor in making orderly and fast pictorials in the ceremonial venue and the reception area.

  1. Have extra batteries, memory cards and camera

There are no excuses for running out of power supply or memory; neither are there for an unforeseen breakdown of either memory card or camera. Going back to one’s office or house to retrieve spares is clearly not an option.

  1. Check the location/s before the wedding

Scouting the location enables one to see ways to exploit natural configurations at the venues and anticipate potential challenges in setting-up equipment, taking angles and adjusting lighting. Taking sample shots enables one to prepare for the shots to be taken on the day itself. Of course, the photographer should visit the location at the same time of the day as that of the wedding.

  1. Know the customs or religion of the couple

Different customs or religions have different sets of rules. Some cathedrals do not allow flash during ceremonies. Some religions may have ceremonial highlights that may seem ordinary to a non-practitioner. Clearly, one has to do background research or talk with the couple regarding rules during the ceremony or at the venue/s.


Wardrobe Staples Everyone Should Have

No matter how many fashion trends come and people go crazy about, you always come back to your trusted timeless piece that none of us should live without. In fact, these wardrobe staples are the ones that you should invest in because they’re the ones that will take you places without looking out of place. With them in your closet, you’ll never find yourself at lost with appropriate clothing to wear. This goes for both men and women, so here they are:

Perfect White T-Shirt

This is as basic as it gets. Whether you prefer crewneck or V-neck, it doesn’t matter as long as it fits you perfectly, and it feels soft to touch. However, if you go for a v-neck style t-shirt, you’ll need to check out male waxing from Drakes of London to keep your look clean.White t-shirts are so basic this should be a no-brainer.


Dark and fit is your best bet with this one. You don’t want to look shabby with too loose and too faded one, the basic jeans that we would want to go for is those that would go with the rest in your closet.

Crewneck Sweater

Plus points if you have this in every color, because trust us you will use this a lot especially during those brisk months of fall and spring. Wanna wear it to work? Layer it over something plaid or white button down and you’re set.

White Button-Down

Speaking of white button down, you must have this number, no excuses. This can instantly make you look put together whether you pair it with jeans or khaki pants. There is so much that a white button-down can do for you, so there’s no reason for you to not have at least one of these.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are your go to staple when you want to be comfortable and still look sharp at the same time. More and more enterprises are going for embroidered polo shirts for their staffs and employees. You can also buy them in stripes, plain colors or printed from

Khaki Pants

If white button-downs are the counter part of white t-shirts, khaki pants is for jeans. As long as this one fits in every point, you’ll look tailored and relax at the same time.


Who doesn’t have sneakers? This can literally take you places.

Blue Blazer

You mean business? With this one, you’ll walk the talk. It can even give you different styles, from preppy, modern or traditional, depending on what you pair with it.

Sensible Shoes

If you associate sneakers with casual attires, good old black pumps for women or black brogue shoes in leather for men is for dressier purpose.